Apple Macs are overtaking PC’s in the Office

Apple Macs are overtaking PC’s in the Office according to a new report.

Support for Apple’s Mac hardware continues to climb. According to a recent report published by JAMF Software, a company that provides enterprise management solutions for Apple products, 96% of the 500 IT professionals surveyed in September 2015 say their teams support Mac. Additionally, 81% support iPad and 84% support iPhone.

IT professionals recognize tangible benefits to switching to a Mac. Compared with a Windows-based PC, IT professionals say that the move to a Mac could result in an increase productivity, more employee engagement and a reduction in costs. These sentiments echo IBM‘s finding that switching to a Mac resulted in a saving of $270 (£177, AU$373) per user.

Additionally, 75% of those surveyed said Macs provide better security compared to rival platforms.

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