Can Just About Anyone Create a Website?

The answer to the question has to be yes. But you may not like the results. You can use the create website wizards on GoDaddy or Network Solutions and other domain registers. Plus all the big cheap hosting companies have their own web design wizards you can use.  You are by now thinking wow this will be a piece of cake.  Maybe…..

What happens when you do this?

easy_website_builderYou end up spending hours of your time and you have a website that works but it looks horrible and very ordinary. You end up being dissatisfied with the results it just does not meet your expectations? The price is right only $5.00 – $10.00.  So where did I go wrong?

I know…. I should purchased one of those custom themes at ThemeForest or Ithemes for about $35.00 – $65.00.  I can still do it myself and save a ton of money. Great idea let’s get going on this.

I purchased a hot $65.00 theme and the demo looks great…. but !

I spent countless hours with my new theme doing everything just right and it just does not look as good as it did in the demo when I purchased the theme. I tried contacting the author but there is a 48 hour turn around time on email support. No phone calls allowed. All I wanted to do was move the logo to a different place and change some of the formatting. No big deal right.

Well guess again.

Turns out I have to  pay someone to make the changes and there is no guarantee that the changes will work as intended. The best is when my new hot custom theme gets updated by the vendor I will loose all my changes that I paid for. Geeez I have spent at least 100 hours of my time maybe more on this and I still have a website that does not resonate with me. It does not represent me the way I want.

What else can I do?

The word ability and mature businessman looking and consideringI have a successful business and I need a professional website that I can be proud of. I just can’t hire a new employee how will I know the person has the skill set I am looking for? I can try and hire a Web Design Company but there are so many out there and most of the websites I have seen look kind of ordinary. There is no creativity in the design. Their company websites do not resonate with me either. These company websites project no feeling about themselves at all.

What’s the problem anyway?

In today’s world anyone with some computer skill can call himself and web designer and build websites. Right now you have thousands of technical people out there trying to hustle a dollar by using the quick and dirty method of website design.

They buy a basic ordinary template and use it over and over and call themselves a web designer. That’s the problem. But many times that is all that is needed. Many people just don’t care how it looks they just want something that is half way decent. Why someone would settle for halfway is beyond me but it happens all the time. Many people just don’t care and you can see this in the work they produce.

Is there a solution?

The word CreateArtistic creativity must be included in your web design. This takes a god given talent. It is something the artistic person is born with. You cannot learn it in a book or school like technical skills.

If you care about your company or your name your website needs to invoke a feeling in the viewer about you. Your website needs to resonate with you first for this to happen. Otherwise you missed the mark.

I suggest you talk with a real web design company. Get the person that is responsible for making sure your website is built the way you want. Here are the top five questions you need to ask.

  1. Do you have a creative person on your team? I mean someone with artistic ability that knows layouts and color what looks good and what does not. Someone that can draw is always a good indication of their ability.
  2. Are there any extra charges if I do not like the initial design and I want something else?
  3. Find out the cost, will it be a flat fee for everything or hourly.
  4. Will we be signing a contract? Most web companies do not like contracts because this holds them to the letter of the law. I recommend you always get a signed contract.
  5. What kind of time line can I expect. How long with this take?

Of course there is much more. If you would like more information on this subject or wish to comment please feel free to contact us or post your question on this blog.

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