Email & DNS

DNS, email, and hosting are three separate services that should be serviced the best way possible. In fact, many practical and shrewd webmasters purposefully separate email, domains, nameservers, and hosting. This way there is no single point of failure in the chain.
We provide reliable managed hosting and backups for all our client websites. We recommend that you rely on solutions such as Google Apps, Gmail Aliasing, Rackspace Email, Hushmail, or Zoho for email. Using one of these applications you can still have your domain name in your email address. We will assist and get these setup for you.
With the rising importance of email today it is imperative that you have a secure reliable solution. Your business means a lot to you. Why risk loosing emails, getting bombed with spam, etc. With 24 hour phone support and costs as low as $2.00 per month it’s just not worth it. Remember when something is free there is no guarantee and no privacy.

Check with us for recommendations on free and paid email solutions that will work transparently with your domain.

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