What makes a Good Hosting Company?

Showing Hosting and Security
With 41% of hacking attempts being caused by a security vulnerability on a hosting platform, such as Linux or Windows running Cpanel, Plesk or a custom interface. It pays to host your website with a good quality hosting company. Look for a hosting company that places an emphasis on security.

Web Design City does just that with the following:

  • Support for the latest versions of PHP and MySQL
  • Provide Free SSL certificate¬†installations.
  • Provides true offsite backups that are not linked to the server.
  • Is optimized for running WordPress
  • Includes a WordPress optimized firewall.
  • Has malware scanning and intrusive file detection
  • Trains their staff on important WordPress security issues
  • Keep Email, Web, and DNS separate. Don’t mix to save money.

If you choose a cheap shared hosting plan, make sure that your host provides account isolation. This ensures that one account cannot overload the server and cause problems for your website. Good hosting companies will also offer daily internal backups, but remember that you still need to backup externally and keep them offsite. Many times these offsite backups are the ones that will save you in an emergency.

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