An Easy Website Design Planning Guide

The First Steps are the Most Important. A well made website gives your business an  identity on the Internet.  A good website should be interactive, and user friendly. You need to keep track of several points before creating and uploading a website, I have listed a few important points which anyone needs to keep in mind before designing a good website.


A website will provide you an Internet presence. It is essential for you to know the purpose of the website before planning the course of action. The purpose should focus on what the basic requirements are and how they can help the site visitor.  Setting short term and long term goals for the site can help keep you on track. You can also measure your progress.


Your audience will visit your site for a specific reason and, you need to understand the requirements of your visitors.  You need to hold the attention of your visitors so that they will stay longer in your site. From visuals to appropriate content, you should strive to make the site interesting and fresh.


Content management is a critical part of any website. Well written content represents the genuineness of the website.  Content must be crisp, brief and to the point. Ambiguous content tends to leave visitors confused. Once you lose their attention its over.  You need to categorize content with brief and descriptive words which should be easy to understand.


Storyboarding is the final process of website planning. In this you take care of the purpose, audience and content to design most suitable format for the website. In storyboarding, you make a site map of your website. Storyboarding creates a visual portrayal of the web pages. There are different ways of making a storyboard for any website. It basically depends on the content and the pages involved in the website. Storyboard can be called a prototype model for the website.


Websites are never finished. Websites need constant fine tuning to get the best search engine listing possible but still provide useful information to the visitor. To make an active site, you should plan accordingly and make every page attractive and informative. Your site features should not contain empty pages and  be disorganized. If this is the case then the site is a failure. Make your site look professional and effective and for which website planning is just the first step.

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