Are you accepting credit cards on your website?

If you’re planning on accepting credit cards on your website, there are many things to consider:

  • Out of the thousands of merchant services available which one should I use?
  • What fees can I be expected to pay?
  • What is a competitive rate?
  • What does PCI compliance mean and how does it apply to my website?

Who Shall I Use ?

Right now the easiest and fastest way to get going is to use Paypal.  You just have to open up a paypal account then you can integrate their buy now buttons into your webpages. You can see an example of this on

If you’re absolutely against using Paypal. We recommend the following:

If you have many products to sell you will probably be better off with a shopping cart.

In the coming weeks we will be discussing these topics more and more. One question that keeps coming up is: “Why can’t I just collect the credit card number myself on a simple form and then run the number on my store machine”?

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